IntelliTrak Customer Statement on the COVID-19 Coronavirus

IntelliTrak Facility

Currently, IntelliTrak is open and running operations with limited capacity. If your order is delayed for any reason, our designated team member will reach out to you notifying you of the current status. We have also restricted access for all visitors unless critical to business requirements. If a visit is critical, then a visitor must fill out the IntelliTrak COVID-19 questionnaire and return to IntelliTrak, where it will be reviewed for each visitor prior to their arrival.

IntelliTrak Shipping

IntelliTrak does not believe our product or packaging poses any transmission risk of COVID-19. Currently, there is no evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 in this manner; the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and other authorities have confirmed there is very short survivability of the COVID-19 virus on hard surfaces. Over the days or weeks of shipping at ambient temperatures, the risk of spreading the virus is very low.

IntelliTrak Customer Sites

Some of our employees must visit customer sites for installations, service, and repairs. During the Ohio stay-at-home order, we have limited all non-essential business travel. Where possible, IntelliTrak will resolve customer issues remotely using virtual tools and technologies to minimize visits for IntelliTrak employees and IntelliTrak’s customers. Where a site visit is required, IntelliTrak has followed guidelines set forth by the CDC and Federal Government and any additional protocols our customers have implemented.

IntelliTrak is doing whatever it takes to keep our team members, customers, vendors, and partners safe during this time. If you run into any issues, we ask that you contact your IntelliTrak representative.



As a direct result of the success of its innovative product line and unrivaled customer service, IntelliTrak has expanded its Fairfield, OH location for the second time in three years! This latest 26,000 sq. ft. expansion will nearly double their facility and allow for increased capacity, automated manufacturing processes, greater quality control and shorter lead times. Included in this expansion is the addition of 2,000 sq. ft. of office space and capital equipment that will help facilitate run-off, aid in research and development, testing and fulfillment.

“The need for this expansion came sooner than expected” said Tom Robertson, President, IntelliTrak. “As our product line has expanded, so has demand. Having a wide range of modular conveyors allows us to meet the varied and always-changing needs of our customers”.

In retrospect, the expansion did not really come as a surprise—revenues have more than tripled over the last five years. The number of full-time staff has quadrupled since moving into the current facility. And with new products being introduced in 2018, that growth is projected to continue.

Admittedly, this expansion is a little personal for Robertson. Having grown-up in Fairfield, OH, he’s excited about building the business in his home town—providing additional jobs, giving back to the community, and especially the opportunity to mentor future engineers from Fairfield High School engineering clubs and technical programs.

About IntelliTrak, Inc.

After 23 years and more than 700 installations, IntelliTrak continues to revolutionize the conveyor industry. Based in Fairfield, OH, IntelliTrak designs and manufactures patented chain-free, friction-driven conveyor systems for loads from 10 to 40,000+ lbs. These highly-flexible conveyor systems are not only cost-effective, but are safer, cleaner, and quieter with minimal maintenance required. IntelliTrak’s unique drive system has independently-controlled zones that enable in-line speed changes, reversing drive sections and easy integration of vertical lifts and shuttles—functionality that a traditional power and free system just can’t offer. From individual components to complete turnkey solutions, IntelliTrak offers a comprehensive line of truly revolutionary material handling solutions.