Take a look at your conveyor system. It just might be taking up 40% more space than it needs to.

If your overhead conveyor doesn’t have:

  • independent zone control: forward and reverse on the same line to enable deadheads/spurs.
  • a chainless friction drive with no chain return required
  • the ability to utilize overhead space with:
    • Vertical build: the ability to easily integrate vertical lifts and add multiple levels for storage, retrieval and distribution.
    • Overhead carrier return
  • an easily-integrated Shuttle system to replace the need for large turns

then chances are, you’re wasting space.

IntelliTrak offers solutions that can help reduce your footprint:

Vertical Build: Add multiple levels to optimize your previously unused overhead space

This multiple-level system was originally designed to store eight hours of production, accumulate efficiently, handle left– and right-handed IP assemblies, and meet a 57 second TAKT time with a limited footprint. Later expanded to hold 12 hours of production.  Additional levels are only limited by ceiling height.

Over/Under Solution: A more efficient system with a smaller footprint

A custom inverted (floor-mounted) conveyor with an over/under design to make the most of the limited floor space. This system consists of five assembly stations at floor level, with cantilever lifts on each end for an elevated return of empty carriers.

Shuttle Systems:  Require less space than radial turns.

An aerospace manufacturer with large parts and limited space required multiple lanes and lifts for throughput. IntelliTrak manufactured and installed a custom-designed 1500 Series Overhead Conveyor with a 36’6” load bar, double split-cantilever lift with a single drive shaft, a double trolley carrier, three shuttle assemblies that fed into 20 shuttle stop assemblies and an empty carrier return lane—saving both floor space and construction costs.

Ceiling-Supported System: Unimpeded floor space

Overhead conveyor systems can also be ceiling-supported, keeping floor space unimpeded, providing a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing environment.