Move Product Efficiently, in the Least Amount of Space:
By eliminating large radial turns, the amount of floor space required is reduced, often by up to 40%!

Greater Flexibility:
• Easily move parts to another line, with unlimited stopping positions.
• Modify or expand your system with minimal downtime.
• Easily integrated into IntelliTrak conveyor systems
• Uses same standard system components.
• Shuttle capacity matches system capacity.

Load Bar

Load bars are custom designed to application and product requirements.

Carrier Assembly

Carriers are custom designed to application/product and customer specifications.


Curves can be driven or non-driven.

Over/Under Design

An over/under design can greatly reduce the amount of required floorspace.


Can be incorporated into conveyor design with a maximum of 15° incline or decline.


By utilizing IntelliTrak’s forward/reverse capabilities, deadheads can significantly reduce the amount of required floor space.


Switches allow the trolley to transfer from one path to another by switching the diverter arm to open a path in the desired direction.