Automated Guided Cart (AGC)


The IntelliTrak Automated Guided Cart (AGC) is a self-contained vehicle system for transporting material and equipment from one location to another. It follows a simple magnetic tape path and uses on-board sensors for tracking and control. An on-board RFID reader detects floor-mounted RFID tags to control speed, the direction at intersections, stopping and starting, and movement of tow pin.

Advantages of IntelliTrak AGCs

  • Reduces labor costs and minimizes space requirements
  • Easily adaptable: no fixed overhead or floor-mounted track required
  • Easily re-deployed for future applications
  • Versatile: can be configured to handle various applications, including production processes and transport
  • Customizable
  • Safe Operation: safety scanners will stop operation when the path is obstructed
  • Clean, quiet operation
  • Easily modified path

For more information, download a pdf of the AGC Brochure.