Overhead Conveyor Systems for the Assembly Industry

With complex assembly and production lines that include stop/start workstations, varying speeds and continuous motion in the same line, meeting TAKT time requirements often becomes a challenge.

The modularity of IntelliTrak’s friction drive system (no chains) and support structure (bolted, not welded) makes it the ideal solution for assembly applications:

  • Zone control, enabled by VFDs and gear box ratio changes, provide varying speeds and speed changes between workstations and high transfer speeds around corners to help decrease TAKT time.
  • Easily add workstations to increase production and cycle time.
  • Forward/Reverse capabilities improve the efficiency of the assembly process and save space.
  • No chain means a clean work environment and a clean finished product.
  • Easily integrate lifts and shuttles

Take a look at how IntelliTrak Overhead Conveyor Systems have changed how our customers do business:

Repeat customer, Tier 1 Automotive supplier, adds new vehicle line, expands system and saves money.

In 2006, IntelliTrak installed a system in the customer’s new building.
When they were awarded a new contract in 2015, they had a choice: purchase a new conveyor system or modify the existing one.

The inherent flexibility of the IntelliTrak 500 Series Overhead Conveyor made the decision simple: MODIFY IT!
Instead of having to build an entirely new system (as they would have had to do with a traditional power and free chain system), IntelliTrak was able to remove part of the old system, add new conveyor onto the old system, reuse some of the existing system, and save the customer thousands of dollars in both equipment and downtime.

Scope of project:

The customer’s assembly requirements were complex—add 12 new stations with rotating motorized carriers equipped with RFID and powered conductor rail, taking into account the need for:

  • 52 second TAKT time
  • 42 minute same day delivery
  • 90 second electrical test
  • Accumulation for 2 HLA stations
  • Indexing
  • Broadcast pull parts from accumulation in order

Complex assembly made easy, increasing TAKT time and competitive advantage.

A supplier of automotive interiors needed an overhead conveyor system for their new facility.

IntelliTrak designed, manufactured and installed a 500 Series Overhead Conveyor System that included 41 assembly workstations with 4 test zones and level 2 software controls to manage workstations. The new overhead conveyor not only freed up floor space, but gave them a real competitive advantage by allowing them to meet an extremely fast TAKT time of 75 jobs per hour.

IntelliTrak system provides an efficient, clean work environment for manufacturer of LCD displays

Manufacturer of large LCD displays, using a manual line for assembly, needed a more efficient and ergonomic solution with greater flexibility and quality control.

IntelliTrak’s engineers custom-designed a 1500 Series Overhead Conveyor with vertical lifts on each end (for empty carrier return overhead), 14 workstations, incline for ergonomic assembly, a quality control workstation and spur for rework. Forward/reverse capabilities and zone control gave the customer the flexibility they needed. And the chainless friction drive provided the clean work environment—an important factor when working with highly sensitive LCD controls.

Perfect example of IntelliTrak’s modularity:
In one weekend, at the customer’s request, IntelliTrak added switches and a cooling lane, all while production continued, with no downtime and no overtime. That’s a game-changer!

IntelliTrak overhead conveyor helps provide ergonomic work environment

An IntelliTrak 500 Series Overhead Conveyor with 32 workstations, an unloading station, testing cabinet and quality control station for rework. Customized product carriers allowed for ergonomic assembly, making it easier for operators to raise, lower and rotate the product. Forward/reverse capabilities and zone control provided the flexibility for performance testing and rework zones.