Modular, Friction Drive Conveyor System


The IntelliTrak 150 Series consists of driven and/or non-driven sections, switches, curves and buffer sections, supported by a modular steel frame. The drive mechanism for the 150 Series is a friction belt powered by a gear motor. Drive heads are pressed against the drive belt, moving the carrier through the system.

Advantages of the IntelliTrak 150 Series

  • Accumulates easily for storage or processes.
  • Speeds up to 100+ fpm.
  • Less material-in-process required.
  • Speed flexibility: capable of in-line speed changes and variable speeds through variable frequency drives or different gear ratios.
  • Automotive Instrument Panel Storage & Retrieval Line - IntelliTrak 150 Series Overhead Conveyor
    Automotive Instrument Panel Storage & Retrieval Line

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