Not all overhead conveyors are created equal

If you’ve ever wondered what the differences are between an IntelliTrak Friction Conveyor System and a traditional chain system, this should help clear things up:

In short, IntelliTrak Friction Conveyor Systems do what traditional chain conveyor can’t:

  • Change processes or destinations of products on the fly
  • Set up inline speed changes throughout the system
  • Move carriers both forward and reverse independently
  • Stop one carrier without stopping the entire system
  • Easily incorporate vertical lifts and shuttles
  • Have both driven and non-driven line in the same system

Plus, IntelliTrak Systems use less floor space:

Layout of traditional chain conveyor system without shuttle

For example, this originally proposed system would have required 30,150 sq. ft. of floor space.

Layout of IntelliTrak 3500 series with shuttle

By installing an IntelliTrak 3500 Series Conveyor System, with a shuttle, IntelliTrak was able to eliminate the large bulb turns required by chain conveyor systems, using approximately 42% less floor space.

42% less floor space!

That’s a big deal. Contact for more information on how IntelliTrak can help you do more with the space that you have.

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Take a look at your conveyor system. It just might be taking up 40% more space than it needs to.

If your overhead conveyor doesn’t have:

  • independent zone control: forward and reverse on the same line to enable deadheads/spurs.
  • a chainless friction drive with no chain return required
  • the ability to utilize overhead space with:
    • Vertical build: the ability to easily integrate vertical lifts and add multiple levels for storage, retrieval and distribution.
    • Overhead carrier return
  • an easily-integrated Shuttle system to replace the need for large turns

then chances are, you’re wasting space.

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