IntelliTrak 3500 Series Overhead Conveyor Finishing System Before and After

True Modularity Provides Flexibility:

  • To relocate complete systems.
  • To expand a system with little or no downtime and less cost.
  • To easily integrate vertical lifts and shuttles.
  • To modify a system as processes are refined.

IntelliTrak offers Unparalleled Flexibility and Scalability

IntelliTrak’s patented chain-free friction drive system and modular support structure is easily modified, expanded and even moved—the entire system, if necessary:

  • Bolted construction is easily modified or expanded, and scalable.
  • Endless number of fully-independent driven and non-driven sections give you the flexibility to determine what moves and when.
  • Incline and decline sections for gradual elevation changes.
  • Lifts, for vertical elevation changes.
  • Shuttles, for moving product from one line to another.
  • Load bars and carriers made specifically for your process.
  • Curves, switches, and deadhead/spurs allow for quick changes to flow, process or recipes.
  • Over/under systems to maximize use of space.

Want Proof?

IntelliTrak was challenged with removing 3500 ft. of 40-year-old conveyor, installing a new, more efficient conveyor, while keeping the current process equipment, ALL IN THREE WEEKS!

IntelliTrak installed 2600 ft. of 3500 Series Conveyor with 40 carriers (10,000 lb. capacity) and two vertical lifts integrated into the existing finishing equipment.

Only possible due to the modularity of the IntelliTrak System, that not only shortens installation time, but allows for preliminary engineering and pre-assembly.

Bottom line for customer:  A system that meets TAKT time!

First day after shutdown, the modified system was up and running. By the end of the week, production levels were double compared to the previous system.

Want more proof?

Same customer, different location.  And this time it was a weekend.

Challenge: Add 270 ft. of conveyor with cooling lane and switches without stopping production. IntelliTrak made the modification with no downtime, no overtime, and no lost production. Is it any wonder that this customer has purchased a total of eight systems in six different locations worldwide?