Maximized Use of Floor Space and Zone Control

IntelliTrak systems enable efficient use of floor space and zone control:

  • Optimal use of floor space with forward and reverse capabilities, optional switches, curves, lifts, and shuttles.
  • Inline speed changes provide zone control, which conserves energy while reducing:
    • process time
    • work-in-process
    • wear and tear on parts
    • number of carriers and associated costs

Take a look at how IntelliTrak Conveyor Systems have increased the efficiency of our customer’s production lines:

Streamlining production with an IntelliTrak Overhead Conveyor System reduced delivery time by 75%.

Long delivery times and inaccuracies were all too common for this manufacturer of blinds. With an outdated system that required elevation to buffer between processes, outfeeds that used gravity to pull the carriers away from the main line, and no automated production sequencing or MES solution, an IntelliTrak 500 Series was the ideal solution.

IntelliTrak engineered, manufactured and installed a custom IntelliTrak 500 Series Overhead Conveyor. Not only did they save valuable floor space by going vertical, production equipment was organized for better manufacturing flow and an MES solution was implemented to track production.
Delivery turnaround was reduced by 75% from 8 weeks to less than 2 weeks. The system has worked so well for this manufacturer that they’ve installed 41 systems in 25 facilities worldwide.

A more efficient system with a smaller footprint

Having already installed an IntelliTrak Conveyor System in another location, when it came time to purchase a conveyor system for a new facility with limited floor space, the decision was easy for this supplier of automotive interiors.
IntelliTrak engineered, manufactured and installed an IntelliTrak 1500i inverted (floor-mounted) conveyor with an over/under design to make the most of limited floor space. The system consisted of five assembly stations at floor level, with cantilever lifts on each end for elevated return of empty carriers. A more efficient system, with a smaller footprint.

Removed old system; Installed new, modular IntelliTrak Overhead Conveyor System—all in three weeks!

A large manufacturer of construction equipment needed a 40-year-old chain conveyor removed and a new overhead conveyor installed in three weeks!
IntelliTrak engineered and manufactured a 3500 Series Overhead Conveyor with 2600 ft. of conveyor, 40 carriers (10,000 lb. capacity), two vertical lifts and finishing system components and installed it in THREE WEEKS!
The first day after shutdown, the system was up and running. By the end of the week, it exceeded the previous systems’ production levels, meeting TAKT time of five minutes per part, 100 parts per day. Increased production with the added bonus of a cleaner, quieter, safer, more pleasant work environment!

Manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment increases throughput by switching from chain conveyor to a more efficient IntelliTrak friction drive conveyor.

A large manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment had reached production capacity with their existing power and free chain conveyor. They needed a new system that would not only increase throughput, but one that would accommodate both light and heavy parts with custom paint recipes and curing times.
IntelliTrak designed, manufactured and installed a 1500 Series Overhead Conveyor finishing system with multiple staging lanes for both heavy and light products providing a much more efficient way to move parts.

A more efficient way to transfer engines

An automotive manufacturer needed an efficient way to move engines from assembly to shipping and return carriers to assembly without excess conveyor taking up floor space. Not only did it have to fit within the limited footprint, it also had to interface with customer’s existing equipment and meet required TAKT time.
IntelliTrak engineered, manufactured and installed a custom 1500 Series Overhead Conveyor saving the customer valuable floor space and enabling them to meet required TAKT time.

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