Extremely Flexible, Modular Conveyor Systems:

From a simple loop of workstations to a proprietary 20-step process that involves multiple pieces of equipment, IntelliTrak Conveyor Systems are inherently flexible and can handle your conveyor needs, both now and in the future:

  • Bolted construction is easily modified or expanded, and scalable.
  • Endless number of independent driven and non-driven sections.
  • Incline and decline sections for gradual elevation changes.
  • Lifts, for vertical elevation changes.
  • Shuttles, for moving product from one line to another.
  • Load bars and carriers made specifically for your process.
  • Curves, switches, and deadhead/spurs allow for quick changes to flow, process or recipes.
  • Over/under systems to maximize use of space.

Take a look at how the inherent flexibility of IntelliTrak Conveyor Systems has changed how our customers do business:

Repeat customer, Tier 1 Automotive supplier, adds new vehicle line, expands system and saves money, all without missing a beat.

In 2006, IntelliTrak installed a system in the customer’s new building.
When they were awarded a new contract in 2015 for a new vehicle, they had a choice: purchase a new conveyor system or modify the existing one.
The inherent flexibility of the IntelliTrak 500 Series Overhead Conveyor made the decision simple: MODIFY IT!
Instead of having to build an entirely new system (as they would have had to do with a traditional power and free chain system), IntelliTrak was able to remove part of the old system, add new conveyor onto the old system, even reusing some of the existing system, and save the customer thousands of dollars in both equipment and downtime.
Scope of project:
Added 12 new stations with rotating motorized carriers equipped with RFID and powered conductor rail. The customer’s assembly requirements were complex, with a need for varying speeds and the following requirements:

  • 52 second TAKT time
  • 42 minute same day delivery
  • 90 second electrical test
  • Accumulation for 2 HLA stations
  • Indexing
  • Broadcast pull parts from accumulation in order

Conveyor manufacturer easily expands modular conveyor system to accommodate new product line and meet 75 jobs/hour requirement.

In 2016, IntelliTrak installed a 500 Series Overhead Conveyor finishing system for a roller conveyor manufacturer, replacing a power and free chain conveyor that had reached production capacity. The system included six lifts, washer, spray booths, and a cure oven with four lanes that would be able to accommodate a variety of different sized parts, as well as increase overall production. One year later, the customer added a new product line with a larger part.
Thanks to the inherent flexibility of IntelliTrak’s friction drive system and modular support structure, IntelliTrak was able to easily modify the system and add another lane, equipped with three more lifts, to accommodate the new product line. With this addition, the customer was able to meet the 75 jobs per hour requirement.

Modular conveyor allows for expansion with minimal cost and downtime.

A supplier of air movement and control equipment needed a conveyor system for their new building. Requirements included a maximum carrier weight of 1200 lbs. and a lift with a long stroke of 13’ 3” and access from the back side of the lift. Budget constraints required a system that could be easily modified in the future to add more functionality.
In 2013, IntelliTrak installed a 1500 Series Overhead Conveyor System to meet their 1200 lb. max load requirement and a custom-designed, split counterweight 4-post lift that left space between counterweights for access to back side of the lift and able to accommodate a 24 ft. load bar. The design also included switch cut-ins (5 ft. of conveyor) for future expansion.

Removed old system; Installed new, modular IntelliTrak Overhead Conveyor System—all in three weeks!

Large manufacturer of construction equipment needed a 40-year-old chain conveyor removed and a new overhead conveyor installed in three weeks!
IntelliTrak engineered and manufactured a 3500 Series Overhead Conveyor with 2600 ft. of conveyor, 40 carriers (10,000 lb. capacity), two vertical lifts and finishing system components, and installed it in THREE WEEKS!
HOW? Only possible due to the modularity of the IntelliTrak System, that not only shortens installation time, but allows for preliminary engineering and pre-assembly.
First day after shutdown, system was up and running. By the end of the week, it exceeded the previous systems’ production levels, meeting TAKT time of five minutes per part, 100 parts per day. Increased production with the added bonus of a cleaner, quieter, safer, more pleasant work environment!

For one large manufacturer of construction equipment, IntelliTrak’s modular conveyor system is an industry game-changer.

Large manufacturer of construction equipment needed a conveyor system for a new facility. They chose the IntelliTrak 3500 Series largely because of its promise of extreme modularity.
IntelliTrak’s friction drive system (no chains) and modular support structure (bolted, not welded), is easily modified, expanded and even moved!
As parts change and new models are developed, this system is able to easily adapt to those changes. All components are standardized, so that moving forward, further installations and modifications will be simple with minimal project management required. Not to mention the system’s forward/reverse capabilities and the use of spurs, all of which served to improve processes, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Perfect example of IntelliTrak’s modularity:
In one weekend, at the customer’s request, IntelliTrak added switches and a cooling lane, all while production continued, with no downtime and no overtime!

Flexibility to increase production and cycle time to meet customer demand.

Automotive manufacturer needed an overhead conveyor system for their door assembly line.
The inherent flexibility of the IntelliTrak 500 Series Overhead Conveyor is what sold this automotive manufacturer on an IntelliTrak system. Because the system is modular, it can be easily reconfigured at any point in time. In fact, the system has already been modified several times to add workstations that both increased production and cycle time. Forward/Reverse capabilities improved the efficiency of the assembly process and saved space.