Cleaner, Quieter, Safer Work Environment:

A More Pleasant, Chainless Work Environment
IntelliTrak systems provide a more comfortable environment for your employees while being OSHA-compliant:

  • Safer: No chains mean fewer catch hazards.
  • Cleaner: No chains means little or no lubrication is required and less mess on the product.
  • Quieter: No chains means operational noise stays within OSHA Hearing Conservation standards.

Take a look at how IntelliTrak Conveyor Systems have improved the work environment for our customers:

IntelliTrak overhead conveyor promotes ergonomic work environment

This system consisted of an IntelliTrak 500 Series Overhead Conveyor with 32 work stations, an unloading station, testing cabinet and quality control station for rework. Customized product carriers allowed for ergonomic assembly, making it easier for operators to raise, lower and rotate the product. Forward/reverse capabilities and zone control provided the flexibility for performance testing and rework zones.

An ergonomic solution for assembly of large airplane parts.

This IntelliTrak 500 Series Overhead Conveyor system consisted of a driven line with multiple workstations and buffer areas. With a custom designed overhead conveyor and product carrier, operators on the assembly line are now able to lift, lower and rotate large parts ergonomically.

Removed old system; Installed new, modular IntelliTrak Overhead Conveyor System—all in three weeks!

Large manufacturer of construction equipment needed a 40-year-old chain conveyor removed and a new overhead conveyor installed in three weeks!
IntelliTrak designed, manufactured and installed a 3500 Series Overhead Conveyor with 2600 ft. of conveyor, 40 carriers (10,000 lb. capacity), two vertical lifts and finishing system components. IN THREE WEEKS!
HOW? Only possible due to the modularity of the IntelliTrak System, that not only shortens installation time, but allows for preliminary engineering and pre-assembly.
First day after shutdown, system was up and running. By the end of the week, it exceeded the previous systems’ production levels, meeting TAKT time of 5 minutes per part; 100 parts per day.
Increase production with the added bonus of a cleaner, quieter, safer, more pleasant work environment!

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