The IntelliTrak Advantage

What makes IntelliTrak conveyor systems unique? Two things: A friction drive conveyor and a modular support structure that is bolted together—not welded. Together, they create The IntelliTrak Advantage—an extensive line of material handling solutions that consistently deliver lower total cost of ownership, optimal efficiency, greater flexibility and an overall better working environment. A real competitive advantage!

Flexible, Modular Conveyor Systems

From a simple loop of workstations to a proprietary 20-step process that involves multiple pieces of equipment and processes, the IntelliTrak series is flexible enough to handle your conveyor needs, both now and in the future.
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More Efficient use of Floor Space and Zone Control

IntelliTrak systems enable efficient use of floor space and zone control.
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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

IntelliTrak systems require less installation time, use less floor space and require less maintenance, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the system.
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A Better, Chain-free Work Environment

IntelliTrak’s chain-free systems are OSHA-compliant, providing a more comfortable environment for your employees.
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What you can do with a friction drive system that you can’t do
with traditional power and free chain conveyors:

  • Change processes or destinations of products on the fly
  • Set up inline speed changes throughout the system
  • Move carriers both forward and reverse independently
  • Stop one carrier without stopping the entire line
  • Easily incorporate vertical lifts and shuttles
  • Negotiate inclines and declines
  • Accumulate loads in-line
  • Have both driven and non-driven line in the same system