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Vertical Lift and Elevation Solutions

Engineering Resources

10,000 lbs. lift being tested before shipping.

With nearly 20 years in the material handling and conveyor business our engineering team will find the most efficient and cost effective solutions for your vertical conveyance requirements. Our in-house resources include:

Whatever the need, we can deliver a cost effective solution…


IntelliLift is experienced at meeting all your material handling & conveyance needs. When you require any vertical movement of product, our equipment will solve your application problem:

Our engineers will work with your team, from concept to completion, to develop a tailor made solution for your unique needs.


IntelliLift has experience in many different manufacturing environments. These Include: Automotive, Heavy equipment manufacturing, Military, Painting and Finishing systems.

This lift loads heavy equipment onto a paint line.

This lift loads a cab for a military trucks into a finishing system.