A cost-effective production system with short throughput times is vital for every company concerned with profitability. From raw material storage through production, the system must combine efficiency and flexibility. With the 100 Series, 500 Series, 1500 Series, and 3500 Series Overhead Conveyor Systems, you get all these qualities in addition to freeing up valuable floor space through the use of independent overhead trolleys.

IntelliTrak’s 100, 500, 1500, 3500 Series conveyor systems incorporate the Rotating Tube - the transport mechanism whereby trolleys are propelled forward. Each trolley contains four skewed Drive Wheels that ride on the Drive Tube. As the Drive Tube rotates, the trolley is propelled along the system. This unique drive system allows for simple implementation of:


The 100 Series Overhead Conveyor has been proven in numerous and diverse applications throughout North America and Europe. With a capacity of 100 lbs. in single trolley applications and 200 lbs. in dual trolley applications, the 100 Series is ideal for parts picking, light to medium duty manufacturing or assembly, and warehousing.

The 500 Series Overhead Conveyor is based on the success of the 100 Series. With a capacity of up to 500** lbs. in single trolley applications and 1,000** lbs. in dual trolley applications, the 500 Series will meet your most demanding Overhead Conveyor needs.

** Live Load and Dead Load capacities using standard components. With modifications and added components, capacity can be increased to 2,000 lbs.

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