150 Series System

The 150 Series Overhead Conveyor is the fastest of our overhead conveyor family. Line speeds are capable of 200 FPM, with load capacities up to 250 Lbs.

The 150 Series Overhead Conveyor uses Carriers that are moved automatically between different areas using Trolleys. The driven sections of the system consist of a Drive Beam that has a Drive Belt attached to it via driven assemblies. Trolleys, which incorporate a spring friction system, ride directly on the drive belt. Drive Beam prevents trolley sway as well as providing a level of safety in the unlikely event that a trolley becomes disengaged from the drive belt.

Reversing the Drive Belt reverses the direction of the Trolley. Flow changes are achieved through Switches that transfer the Trolley from one line to another.

In-line speed changes are achieved using Drive Breaks, which allow separate drive belts attached to the same drive beam to run at different speeds. Different drive belt speeds can be achieved by incorporating Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) or different ratio gear motors.

Non-Driven Section (gravity section) is identical to the driven section minus the drive beam/drive belt assembly.

Structural Support

Supporting the 150 Series Overhead Conveyor can be accomplished by mounting directly to the ceiling, using existing overhead structures, or utilizing a network of free-standing IntelliTrak support steel.

Summary of the Features and Benefits