IntelliTrak 500i Series System

The IntelliTrak 500i Series turns the IntelliTrak Friction Drive conveyor up-side-down.

This floor mounted system provides all of the features and benefits of the 500 Series with the adaptability and flexibility to fit into any manufacturing environment.Components Diagram


Using the same standard components, the 500i Series conveyor is capable of reversing the rotation of the Drive Tube which reverses the direction of the Trolley.

Flow changes are achieved through Switches that transfer the Trolley from one line to another.


The 500i system also includes curves for 90° utilizing standard Drive Tube and Bearing Assemblies. Elevation changes can be accommodated with vertical drop Lifts.Components Diagram

In addition, pneumatic or electric assist lifts can be incorporated for raising and lowering carrier assemblies.

In-line speed changes are achieved using Drive Breaks, which allow separate drive tubes attached to the same drive beam to run at different speeds.

Different drive tube speeds can be achieved by incorporating Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) or different ratio gear motors.