Finishing Systems

IntelliTrak's Role in Finishing Systems

OCS IntelliTrak, Inc. has redefined overhead conveyor systems by utilizing a rotating tube to drive loads. These modular, highly flexible systems incorporate both driven and non-driven lines to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Compared to traditional overhead power & free, IntelliTrak is:

The addressable trolleys and the ability to automatically travel to a particular finishing booth have made IntelliTrak the best choice for those applications where significant labor cost reductions and production efficiencies are important.

Paint Oven Finishing Line

IntelliTrak's Design is Intelligent

The design of an IntelliTrak system makes it possible to accomplish multiple functions with one single conveyor in your finishing system. You will have the capability to:

IntelliTrak Handles Heat

Moving product through the various stages and processes of a finishing system is possible without transferring product from one line to another. The IntelliTrak Overhead Conveyor System can go through ovens up to 450° Fahrenheit with our unique IntelliTrak Temperature Regulator System. This system keeps the temperature of the IntelliTrak conveyor at or below 200° Fahrenheit, even if the process temperature in the oven is as high as 450° Fahrenheit.

IntelliTrak's Return on Investment

You will realize increased production because IntelliTrak allows your personnel to be more efficient. The typical payback on your investment in IntelliTrak is exceptional with a 6 to 18 month return.

Not only does IntelliTrak deliver product and service – it delivers profits.