Applications and Customers

System solutions from IntelliTrak are well tested and reliable. IntelliTrak systems have been installed in a variety of industries including: automotive, furniture, home furnishings, plastics, paper, machining, and distribution centers for consumer products such as ready-made clothing. This provides IntelliTrak a very broad expertise, which in many cases can be transferred to other industries and applications.

IntelliTrak in action:

Distribution Centers


Machining Centers

Case Study - Kellwood

A Customer Testimonial:

In 1995 I was looking for a way to increase productivity and reduce product throughput time. On any given day our production operations were typically bottlenecked with two or more days of work-in-progress.

We decided to utilize kanbans and modular manufacturing teams with cross-trained associates in each module. After extensive research we chose the IntelliTrak overhead conveyor system, in part, because of its unique control features. This conveyor efficiently transports our work-in-process from one workstation to the next, from the start of production through final inspection. Of all the conveyors we looked at, IntelliTrak was the most flexible and functional system available.

The combination of IntelliTrak's modular design, and some technical support, enabled us to quickly become proficient at installing, moving, and modifying our own systems. Over the years, this proved to be a much larger benefit than we had ever anticipated.

We have come to expect expedient and courteous service from the folks at OCS IntelliTrak, whether it is a spare part order or a complete system layout. When they say they want to be your business partner they mean it.

Since our first system, we have ordered twenty-two additional systems for various products and facilities and have four more slated for delivery over the next six months. With the IntelliTrak system we have virtually doubled productivity and eliminated production bottlenecks with less than four hours of work-in-process in our production departments at any given time.

IntelliTrak overhead conveyor systems are the heart of our manufacturing processes and I recommend that you consider them for use in your facility.


Dennis Szostek
Vice President, Operations
Fabricator Division
Hunter Douglas Window Fashions