About IntelliTrak: Corporate Overview

IntelliTrak, Inc.'s corporate office and showroom are located north of Cincinnati in Fairfield, Ohio. The office location includes sales, marketing, manufacturing, inventory, installation and shipping, as well as test and demonstration equipment.

Using friction technology developed in Sweden in the early 1970's, IntelliTrak has been manufacturing and selling overhead conveyors in North America under an exclusive license agreement with OCS AB since 1994. Innovative technology enhancements have evolved the IntelliTrak product line into the clean, quiet, modular, and cost competitive alternative to traditional overhead power & free conveyors.

IntelliTrak Overhead Conveyor Systems has became the material handling solution for hundreds of applications worldwide. IntelliTrak is a proven system in numerous manufacturing, finishing, and distribution facilities. It is truly unique in its ability to provide diverse, efficient and cost-effective solutions to many material handling challenges.

The IntelliTrak 500 Series remains our most popular conveyor solution.  In addition, our high capacity 3500 and 1500 Series products developed in 2008, have opened new markets and allowed even more customers to benefit from IntelliTrak technology.  IntelliTrak also offers Vertical Drop Lifters and Inverted Products (floor mounted) which enable a wide array of solutions to satisfy your material handling needs. 

In addition to our products, IntelliTrak offers Engineering, Installation, and Preventative Maintenance Services.  These resources allow us to provide a complete turnkey solution incorporating third party equipment along with IntelliTrak’s controls, integration and start-up.
I personally invite you to join the growing number of customers that experience our commitment to customer satisfaction.  Our material handling solutions will provide you with long-term benefits through high reliability and low maintenance.  You are welcome to visit the IntelliTrak showroom and discover how our innovative and cost efficient product line can satisfy your material handling needs.


Thomas D. Robertson
President ~ IntelliTrak, Inc.

8660 Seward Rd.
Fairfield, OH 45011